Investment & Tourism

Ethiopian companies export different varieties of goods to partner countries. These include: coffee, oilseeds, pulses, leather and leather products, textile and garment, meat and meat products, flowers, fruits and vegetables, live animals, gold etc… In return the country imports raw materials, fuel, capital goods, and consumer goods.
Come to Ethiopia and every one will welcome you, land or origins!

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Diaspora & Consular

  • Serves as a liaison between different Ministries and Ethiopians in Diaspora,
  • Encourages the active involvement of the Ethiopians in Diaspora in socio-economic activities of the country,
  • Safeguards the rights and privileges of Ethiopian expatriates
  • Mobilizes the Ethiopian community abroad for a sustained and organized image building
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Politics & Business

We, the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia:

Strongly committed, in full and free exercise of our right to self-determination, to building a political community founded on the rule of law and capable of ensuring a lasting peace, guaranteeing a democratic order, and advancing our economic and social development;

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A warm welcome to the official Website of the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia!

The Embassy of Ethiopia is committed to promoting trade, investment and tourism for mutual understanding and benefits, and to consolidating the relationships between the peoples of Ethiopia and Netherworlds.

This Website aims at providing all the necessary information on its consular and other services to Ethiopians as nationals and non Ethiopians wishing to visit the country as investors, tourist, etc. In this Website, you will find several links to the many institutions in Ethiopia, which we believe will facilitate your search.

Thank you for visiting our Website. We are always very grateful for your valuable suggestions and comments.


Call for Diaspora...

Dear Ethiopian citizens and Ethiopian origins living in Netherlands, The Embassy would like to invite you to register and update your data as member of Ethiopian diaspora living in Netherlands.